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I eMauled myself.


I have this gmail account, and I set my email client (and gmail itself) to let me use the whole POP thing. Well, at some point, it... deactivated. I reset the POP settings, but I missed out on a month and a half of email action. Whoooops. Of course, this happens right at the same time I go into an Internet project with a few of my friends I MEAN DUH OF COURSE.

Email to this day remains as something that confounds me. I know how it works — that's not what frustrates me. It seems I have the magical power to make email services of all types inexplicably stop working, or act very strangely. This thing with Gmail changing its settings is but one of my examples of inbox tomfoolery I have seen in my life. Messages that don't deliver or won't deliver, messages from friends that show up weeks after they are sent — all things that have have happened to me. I think this is why I have so many ways to be contacted: I don't particularly trust any one of them. Still, they are each more reliable than a man on a horse. An email with the body of text reading, "The British are coming!" would likely have been disregarded as 'alarmist'.
Tags: internet culture, rl, social

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