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This semester in briefs.

Ugh. What a semester. Throughout the entire thing, my compatriots and I were groaning about how miserable it was for all of us. At least it's over. In stinging retrospect, it was bittersweet. Friends are leaving, but I've also made some new friends. Lost some battles, but I won others. I learned to dislike old tools as much as I've learned to love new ones. See? Bittersweet.

I'm at the University of Alaska to develop my artistic skills so I can be an illustrator. I'm not very skilled because I've only been doing this since high school, and I have discipline and self-esteem problems. However, I never just sit there. I love this stuff, even if it wears me out. My focuses are traditional drawing and digital mediums, even though I still do traditional stuff on the computers. I guess I have simple aesthetics, all imagination aside.

Anyhow, my finals are all done, and I'm flying home tomorrow morning for Winter break. Whee semester recap!

The year was off to a rough start. I also work as a desk attendant in my own dorm, but because of policy changes, I found myself working later and later and more and more. Eeeek — that isn't good for me at all! I couldn't focus on anything, so I got behind in my classes, which is something I never recovered from. I even had to drop my work-intensive Color and Design class. I'm not going to bother showing you anything from that class: too big to scan and boring as hell. Unless you like you like the painter Mondrian.

I have hobbies, too! I love history, so I decided I would take an option low-level history class, Western Civilization. I think I did okay in there. I also took the first section of Art History. Ironically, I took the second at the beginning of this year, so I backwards myself into fulfilling that art requirement. !thgirlA .oot ,ti dessap I erus m'I

"Enough with the boring academic-type stuff," you might be thinking, "'s boring." We shall move on to the ART then, eh?

I took two art-intensive classes this year, "Photo-editing and Pixel Painting" and "Beginning Printmaking". PEPP wasn't what I thought it was going to be: I was expecting a class that would deal with how to paint using programs like Photoshop, but instead it was just using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and we only edited photographs with Photoshop. Awwwww, we expeirence disappointment. To make matters worse, I didn't want to take Printmaking — I thought it was required! GRIEF! Oh, well. I tried to make the best of it.

Let's start with Printmaking. We mutilate surfaces, then smear ink onto them, slap some paper on it, and squish it. If we're lucky, we end up with something neat. If not, we lose hit points. The game is over when we run out of hit points. We can also build up energy for turbo boosts. Here's a survey of some things I did in there:

Practice Print #1 (GREAT TITLE JOBS, BATMAN!)

First thing I did in the class. It was an innocent block of wood, but LOOK WHAT BECAME OF IT! I wanted to do something simple to start. The class liked it more than I did. That's ironic, because:

Always Argue

They didn't like this too much. It was much smaller print, and they were all at the back of the room. They complained they couldn't see it. I can proudly say I went to school with pure essence of GENIUS. Sarcasm aside, this little itallio print did have a size problem. I was unsure about scratching up a piece of plastic glass and... dipping paper into water? What? The process is kinda weird, but I like the fine-line results. Time consuming, though. My friends think this is cute. I'm happy they like it. I'm almost proud of this one.


Everyone is surprised by this one. It didn't scan too well, and the large size didn't help me any; I had to piece it together in Photoshop. The drawing for this relief was better than the final cut plate. Oh, well. It has some charm.

Personally, I don't think any of these represent the best I could do. Each of these, if attempted again, could all be so much better. The same applies to the things I did in my Photo Editing and Pixel Painting class, which I will show you some stuff frommmmmmmmmmm now.

I goofed off in Illustrator whenever I caught a spare minute or two in class. It was good practice, though, and I learned to love Illustrator. Look at shatterstripes' work to see what one can accomplish with vector tools. She's the Queen of Vectorland; I'm a bourgeois stable-hand. Anyhow, goof-off stuff:

You've already seen this. This represented fifteen minutes of quick and dirty work, and I was amazed at how comparably nice it looked.

Did this on my own time to tease nefaria when we were discussing software.

Finally, something I did for the class:

It's a certain somebody, who also has an LJ. I vector-traced over a photograph that I forced him to pose for. I had a lot of composition problems, and false starts a-plenty on this sucker. I'm still not too happy with it; I could do so much better now.

That's all I'll show for PhotoEditingPixelPainting. I did other things in those classes, but these are just a review. I also sketched plenty this semester, but everything in my sketchbook gets all smudgy for some reason. Huh! I should ask people about that. Am I treating it too roughly? In any case, there's nothing too terribly interesting to share from it. Well, nothing that isn't so smudged as to be unidentifiable in a scan. You're not missing too much, anyhow.

*Robot noises*

*Centauress giggles*

All of this and... more in their native habitat, masstrebles's galleries. The LJ team recently re-vamped LJ Scrapbook, so it's pretty neat now. I'll try to keep it organized.

Now thetakogun, raiblu and I are going to go have a celebratory dinner. That reminds me: I have to buy Theta Kogun a name-change token... I'll do that tonight.
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