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ZESTFO is more pronouncable than ZESTF, so I cheated.

The homework:

Define your visual identity project.
- Group, Institution name
- Purpose of the group (what they do)
- What is the primary medium for the identity? (website, print, billboard, vinyl cut signs?)

The solution:

Zombie Epeidemic Survival Task Force
or Z.E.S.T.FO

A humorous group of young academics who like to be thoroughly
prepared for even the most fantastic of circumstances. They have
spent countless hours planning for and discussing the impossible.

Z.E.S.T.FO is not an official legal group, nor is it their endorsed
name: I made it up for them a January of 2006. They were going to
publish a book based upon their long hours spent drafting zombie
survival strategies, but another independent author beat them to the
publishers with an eerily similar book in 2004. Alas!

Z.E.S.T.FO deserves an immediately recognizable visual identity for
two good reasons. Firstly, they need to be readily apparent to non-
zombiefied humans in case of their signature planned-for crisis.
Secondly, it would cheer them up and would look great on many
dormitory doors. If the design is to both Z.E.S.T.FO's and my
own satisfaction, we may considering printing it as adhesive
"stickers" and distribute them for just this purpose. A visual identity
could also be used to build a unifying web design for future Internet-
based projects if Z.E.S.T.FO moves online.
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