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Performance Clip Art.

"Performance Clip Art" is an idea that came to me a few nights back: short and simple bits of interactional whimsy with just a bit of deepr meaning that need little set-up. Current examples I've executed on my annoyed friends --

The first was is a little something I like to call, "I'm Listening to Four Minutes and Thirty-Three Seconds." All you need for this one is some kind of head-phones (I did it with ear buds) and I'd recomend a portable music player. Have the little sounds device equiped so it seems like you're listening to something (don't overact this part). When a friend catches your eye, take the speakers out/off and offer it to them to listen, with whatever little indicator of "you should listen to this" your social circle or region has. They'll put on/in the little headphones and hear nothing. They should say something like, "I'm not hearing anything", to which you respond "I wasn't listening to anything." [Sorry about that, cgranade, but you were a prime test subject for this one.]

The second must be well-timed, or it's just annoying. With "Time Warp" all you need is some sedated people in light conversation. You'll say the phrase "Something strange happened to me the other day." about ten times, spaced somewhat randomly, one after another. You'll alway say it about the same, or it won't have the right effect when you say, "I got caught in a time warp."

"Static" needs a few friends. When you have a group of about six people (again, sedentry: lounging about and in talking lightly to comfortable company around them), you'll be four people, or at least always the majority of the group there -- this may require some conspiring. Choose some word, but something smooth, like "bubble". At some point in the conversation, one of you will say it -- this is a cue for all of you to start saying it. Each of you will say it for about fifteen seconds, and each at some different speed and octave, but never something uncomfortable to the listener. After you're all finished, stop saying the word and act as if it never happened.

These are just a few exapmles. I highly encourage you to create and execute your own, as well.
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