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Livejournal breakfast.

Sorry for the I took a week-long haitus. It just so happened to coincide with Spring Break, in which I accomplished absolutely nothing. Somehow, we don't feel too bad about it. I think, perhaps, that I needed some time to think some things over (cough a few years); I imagine I'm finally sorting everything out now. It's all long-term messy stuff that I can't imagine anybody would be especially interested in. All that matters is that I'm here now.

I've been trying to talk to some people online, like those of you awesome folks who all suddenly took an interest in me (it is to you that I should apologize for my sudden unfortunately-placed silence). However, it seems I get distracted too easily. Go me. I've still been popping open GAIM many nights, though. I suppose that would help if I had the focus to actually get over what stops me from opening a conversation with people. I'm receptive to conversations even while distracted, though, so if you want to talk to me when I'm on, go right ahead and prod me (thanks, ghostangel!).
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