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Give me a head with hair...

I've always struggled with my hair for as long as I can remember. It has volume, not as much as it used to, but not when it's long. When short, it's puffy, and problematic everywhere between. I try to keep it short, because I wear bandanas and I like the look of them more than I do the look of my hair. I couldn't find anybody willing to cut it in time this year, so I cut it myself in the mirror in preperation for buzzing it later. Of course, I had to experiment: I cut half my hair off, and left the other half at ear-length. I've been having fun with people's reactions when I take off my bandana to show it to them. Examples:

Me: "Sorry my penmanship is a little shoddy. I had neurosurgery done today."
Guy #1: "Really?"
Me: "Yeah, see?" :| :dramatically takes off bandana, revealing the shaved part half slowly:
Guy 1 & 2: "Woah!" :o
Guy 1 moves around to see scar.
Me: "Naw, I'm just messin' with ya'!" :D

I also claimed it was male pattern baldness, only that it was happening all at once, from the right side to the left, and from the top down. Later, I told thetakogun that my hair was fine, and that he must have shaved a bit in his glasses, so he's only seeing that I shaved half of my head.

I've been having more fun with people's reactions than the hair itself!
Tags: bad ideas, fun, rl, self

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