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Adventures in Mundania: Land of The Boring Dreams!

I've now proved that I can get the same job two years in a row. Go me, go. I'm returning to the landfill tomorrow, so I can welcome a steady income again. I've still got four semesters left to get my Bachelor's in Art, and I need the money now more than ever. I technically was unemployed for week, though! I took something like a short vacation, in which I did almost nothing, except get used to my new car. I wanted a vanity liscence that read "_PWNY_", but it looks like I wasn't able to get it because of how hard it is to coordinate that with somebody who hates the idea over several hundred miles. Instead, I ended up the usual random jumble of alphanumeric charaters; this particular sequence can be pronounced as, "Ewww-wuh! Four thirty-five." At least the car it's attatched to is awesome. Standard transmission's a little tricky to learn (stupid first gear!), although it has it's upsides ("Fifth: the king of gears."). Now that I've bored everybody into reading something, anything else, I can talk about the yucky parts.

This place has a strange effect on me. (Is that correctly stated, bossgoji? I thought I figured it out in the third grade until you corrected me.) Almost as soon as I got here, I've been experiencing these flashes of really bad stuff, like somebody poured a can of Cambell's Condensed Nihilistic Despondancy into my head, but it filters out after a few minutes, so they go and get another can in a few hours. What's triggering this? This place, maybe something involving my family here, or perhaps
it's me catching all these sensations that remind me of when I felt like that all the time in the same place, while doing the same things. Perhaps I should change things up around here, put new stuff on my walls, do a little minor landscaping (if nobody around here stops me, rawr), and get some new clothes (which I need anyhow). Yes, my plan for better mental health involves the mall, BITE ME, it could work.

For flatmates! Importanté:, would you please, please, email me your new numbers, or make a post for me containing them, or just let me now how you're doing? I'm getting really worried here. Did cgranade have any problems with his new desk? Have you furnished it anymore? thetakogun, did the move go okay for you? C'mon, guys, you're freaking me out. Caleb said he was going to email me when I last saw him, but I think he forgot. So help me, I'll drive up there next weekend just to slap you around if I must. Nag nag nag! :poke poke:
Tags: boring, rl, self

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