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This little life update is for *you*!

Those silly embedded links to streaming video chunking things down for you? Why not go here and scroll down to the "video placeholder" option? That'll solve the problem: all the link but none of the RAM or bandwidth sucking.

Apartment life is definately an improvement over the dorm, but I feel scatterbrained, uncollected. I hope this is just be re-adjusting like previous years, because I feel uncomfortably unfocused, like I'm dreaming. Also, I worry that I may have lost my on-campus job from a paperwork error. I'll have to check on that momentarily. Stragely, I don't feel too stressed out about it or all the money issues around here. Perhaps it is because I am mad, or it's pretty in the late summer up here.

Really, I need to start getting things done around here. Something will snap me out of it, I hope.
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