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Let's progress together, loves.

Whu-- woah! That's right! Livejournal! I've got to quit forgetting to exist.

So, time to catch up: I've been terminally distracted up here, but I'm surviving. Classes are going well, but I should be spending more time writing stuff for my history class. I don't feel overloaded, but I'm busy because of lots of little things. I've been attempting to make this desktop PC I have a dual-boot so I can have my Adobe Illustrator and eat it, too. Recently, some stupid kids messed up my car and now it won't start because either a) the battery is thoroughly drained and has to be replaced or b) the starter or something else more expensive broke at the same time in a horrible coincidence. I need to get a job, but, augh, I'm so distracted right now, so I've been putting it off. Time seems to go so fast -- are the days hiding hours somewhere?

Fairbanks is lovely in the early Fall.

bossgoji is lovely always.

My tan is fading. Darn.

I read all of The Invisibles. It was as if it was written just for me.

Folks in the drawing studio say that I've improved greatly. I concur: stuff that I've done recently is way more skilled than stuff from only a semester ago. At this rate, I'll be satisfied with something I've done in, oh, ten years. ;]

Every day, I'm getting better at casually saying very strange things. Soon, my technique will be perfected, and our hearts will be free again.
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