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The Hollyhock God's responsibilities include, but are not limited to,

Woo-haa, looks like I'll be staying in college this semester. It was as if everything was aligned for it, although it did look pretty dire there for a few weeks. Looks to be a busy semester, but nothing I can't handle. I'll still have time for everyone and even a job (if one of those jerks call me, just ONE grrrrr). At least that's the immediate worry out of the way. As much as I don't like Fairbanks, it has become home to me. Insert silly implausible love story if you want, this cold, lonely college town hasn't treated me too badly.

My birthday was yesterday, and I didn't even remember until everyone reminded me at once. Awww, you guys are awesome. ♥ Twenty-two years old, and I still haven't done ANYTHING, but somehow, I don't mind anymore, partially because if I fret publicly, a few of you will string me up like pinata. :3 Recognize progress where it is, try new things, reflect, and keep trying to achieve my goals -- you know, the ususal positive stuff keeps me stable. Failing that, I can always make jokes about obscure fetishes, those cheer me up. At least I'm more together these days.

Also, could somebody tell me what that neckpiece the character in my icon there is wearing? Having seen it in a few places, I realize that I really like it. You know, get to know it better. Perhaps hang out.
Tags: introspection, rl

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