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I, aye.

I'm a shot of lighting that fails to hit the ground. I'm a hatchling that learned to fly by watching insects. I'm the sum of two unrelated things and the difference of another two. I'm the door in your childhood house your never went through.

I've been a spirt snake, a human, a digital cat, an airplane, a whale, a panda, a sad song, a strange song, a 100px by 100px image, a disembodied voice, a skull-covered piece of cloth, a friend, an annoyance, a savior and a criminal.

I know how to fight, kiss, keep secrets, hide, listen, draw, work, read. I don't know how to fight, speak, argue, sing, draw.

I've known abuse, serenity, hope, confusion, fear, others, and the meaning of details. I've not yet met success and horror. I'm not sure where I'm going and I don't even know for certain where I've been.

I'm immortality with an experiation date.

What shall I become next?
Tags: thoughts

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