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Bucket lids in Fairbanks.

Consumerism isn't as cracked up as it would first seem. There's logistical disasters here and there. Take, for instance, our attempts at buying a five gallon plastic bucket with a matching lid. We tried for weeks with a local grocer, but the lids were always missing. Apparently, every time they get the stock in, somebody comes along and buys all the lids, and just the lids. Now, the distributor only sends the buckets with lids, and not just lids alone. So, there's always a fine selection of just-buckets waiting for you there. Eventually, we ended up going to a hardware store to get one. The cashier there informed us that the vanishing lid problem is universal. Huh.

Humanity understood how hosed it was when God realized that he was facing a serious ethical and moral dilema.
Tags: boring, rl

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