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Even more obscure and wonderful animation.

leex recently gave us a little more information about The Squirrel and the Hedgehog, which I made you all watch earlier this week. Also, there's a link to an astounding Hungarian cartoon. Blasted Cold War was standing between us and wonderful animation! I demand eternal world peace so I can watch it all.

Talking about this shook loose something in my brain, and I checked YouTube on a whim, and, yes, many of Jan Svankmajer's works are available. Wow! I earnestly thought I would never see some of this, but here it is. When I first read about Svankmajer, I was astounded, I thought, "Surrealist animation?! Artistic surrealist animation? And, of course, it's almost impossible to get ahold of." That was about five years ago, but thanks to social networking and digital tools (perhaps the other way around), I can not only finally watch them, but I can make you watch them, too! Its like being a child again.

(Yes, from now one, I'm going to talk about only animation on here. You're coming along for the ride.)
Tags: animation, links

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