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Reviewing your (unofficial) college transcript can be a real walk through the hall of memories. Holy crap, I've had an interesting time up here. Some interesting patterns emerge, too. For instance, I have a tendency to totally screw up one class out of five every year. Well, there was that one time I made the Dean's list. Last semester, though, I totally just WON: I made the Chancellor's list -- of course I didn't know that until just now. Guess I'm not a total screw up, just once in a while.

After this semester, I'll have less than thirty credits worth of classes to grab. That means about one year. This is it, next year, I'm likely to graduate. *Hiss* Change bad. I'm not ready to move on, I'm not as skilled as I should be. Maybe Alaska Pacific University's supposed illustrator program would help? It'll beat leaving state broke and skill-less, and I'll get to spend more time in Alaska.

Oh, what to do.
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