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Two weeks of silence, and this is what I break it with? *Sigh*

It's finals week at UAF. You hear me? Finals week. Luckily, I only have two of those. Oh, and one more paper due. I found out that if you take all of your minor credits at the same time, you stand a good chance of hating your minor by semester's end. Don't get me wrong: I still love history, but I've nurtured a distaste for history majors. (Everybody reading this is exempt, especially Kenny.)

Hey, guys! Let's talk about video games!

Wow, what a few months this has been. The Wii has been great, but nothing really awesome has been made for it yet. Still games worth checking out; Twilight Princess was alright, and Super Paper Mario's only problem was that it was too dang short. As far as third party stuff, I don't know, seems like they're all busy working on stuff, so by the end of the year, things should get interesting. Ubisoft seems to really dig it, just like the DS.

Speaking of the DS, did everybody was talking about school shootings until Pokemon Pearl/Diamond came out. Guns, death, paranoia, grieving... then Pokemon. What a welcome change! Honestly, though, I beat the Elite Four earlier today. I guess I should, I dunno, start recording friend codes and post my own. Personally, I can't do much over the summer, because I just won't have the best Internet access.

Oh, and one of my roommates got a PLAYSTATION 3. (All capital letters. We can only assume that it's branding.) I had hopes for it, and I'm pleased with it. The interface and overall behaviour is like that of the PSP, but bigger and more flexible. It's remarkable how much it can do, and it does it all very well. Oblivion, the next of the Daggerfall games, is impressive to watch, and the Resistence: Fall of Man demo was (I'm going to get publicly executed for this), in my opinion, much better than Halo. Then again, I don't have a taste for person shooters, so, whatever. I still liked it. So there.
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