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You know what else? This bothered me. What, Josk Lesnick, did you notice a couple of your comics were getting a lot of hits from some horrible fetishists, and then, what, you decided to STRIKE BACK? Or something like that? Also, the same tone as repeated by his readers on his Livejournal gets under my skin, too. How have any of them been harmed, I wonder to myself. Am I being New Age-y by asking if anybody has a choice about some of the stuff that turns them on? And do they deserve abuse over it? And if so, alright, time to step up to the big table: what about you? If people knew all about you, or judged you on some superflous thing like that, might they find something that would also deserve the same abuse so many great people of the world are so ready to provide, and more importantly... how would you feel about taking that abuse. Let me answer that last question: not so good. Dare I say it, nobody likes being judged and mistreated for stupid things.

Also, Josh Lesnick is a contributor to Slipshine, which is an awesome-but-occasionally-off-putting comic smut-pit, so isn't he, I don't know, throwing mud from one end of the gutter to the other, by the standards he's setting here? And did I just go there? Why yes, Dorothy, I do believe I just did. *smokes pipe* There's only so much of this 'My kinks are better than yours' bullshit I can stand without having to boil over in little, controlled ways. And I just know I'm making myself a target, because I'm sitting on top of a nuclear arsenal of kinks. But what the hell, right?

The best part about this, though, the silver lining, the big punchline, the things that make me feel better about the whole thing? Sure enough, they win. [NSFW site] Like kinky saints, they just laugh. And one of the users has the title "Most Talkative Dragon, ever", so they come out ahead twice. Unable to be that zen, instead, I get angry for them, I guess. Does the world really need more malice? Or mean-spirited humor? And why do I bother to care?

Crap, it's not as if any of this accomplishes anything. If any of the Girly crowd sees this, they'll just attack me or kick it up a notch.

Really, I just hoped that a guy who does comics like Wendy and Girly could manage not to be an asshole.

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