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Retropentadvice Beaaaaam!

5 things I would say to my sixteen-year-old self? Hmmmm. That's actually solid journal-fodder. Totally legit; downright respectable. I'm going to take a stab at it. Engarde!
  • Pursue your interests and passions. Go ahead and lose yourself in them. The results can be surprising, and they might reward you in ways you never thought... and I know what you think because I'm from the future!

  • Don't let them destroy you. There's bad things around you, things and people that are going to use your own goodness against you, and you'll never have answers as to why. Eventually, when they hurt you, defend yourself.

  • Self-doubt, unchecked, is the greatest enemy we have in our life.

  • Did you know that you have the power to make people laugh?

  • They teach trigonometry differently in college, so it's really freaking hard, and it ends up that you don't need it anyway. No, your major doesn't involve it at all.

Somehow, even if I somehow recieved this adive then, I doubt I would have been like, "Oh, okay!" and proceed to confidently and humorously kick the people that hurt me while formulating more couragous plans for college. Maybe I'd have made a little progress on each of them earlier, though, so I would have instead cautiously made witty remarks to the jerks in my life, and then daydream about college while drawing a little more.

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