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This post is so delicious and moist ~OR~ I feel FANTASTIC and I'm still alive

Holy hell everybody is just gone. Over the last five days, it seems like the whole planet up and vanished. All of my classes are finished, too, so, uh, I guess I should watch and play things a little more? With no roommates, no friends in the other apartment, bossgoji, and a big chunk of my online friends and acquaintences up and gone, what am I supposed to do? *SLUMP*

By the way, I have The Orange Box, which is a compilation of Half-Life 2, Half-Life episodes 1 & 2, the infamous Portal, and Team Fortress 2. That's a lot of "2". Well, better orginize my responses into an unordered list!
  • This my first exposre to Half-Life, and I have to say that it's a little over-rated. Maybe I'm just not the hard-core FPS ubah champion (like jenkatb4u :P), but I find it endlessly fustrating and unfair, although the atmosphere is fun. Okay, H-L2 E1 is playing much better and holy crap what kind of unearthly mutant of an acronym is "H-L2 E1" but anyways I'm liking it more than, um, H-L2 E0. Now that I'm past the horrible elevator of falling debris smashy-doom part, anyhow. *shudders*
  • Portal is simply astounding. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It's hard overstate my satisfaction. I'm being so sincere right now -- okay I'm done.
  • Team Fortress 2 is something else. It's the first LAN-party/Online gamerjock fps versus thingie that actually manages to be interesting. They made the whole thing thematically work somehow; it's like a cartoon that you play that's about LAN-party/Online gamerjock fps versus thingies, if any of that somehow manages to make sense. The taunts, for instance, are based entirely off of the manerisms of gamers. Also, I'm not too bad at it. Too bad there's this weird thing going on with the PS3 here: it gets into this state of disconnecting from the network every thirty seconds, so I can't do anything involving the Internet during those times. I've tried to fix it, but none of it sticks. Grr.

I miss making posts on LJ and leaving comments on LJ and typing the acronym LJ. Fancy I'll go back to doing it again.

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