░░▒▒▒▓▓▓▒▒▒░░ (masstreble) wrote,

Technical difficulties

Okay, the usual zany-ness involving the Internet connection in this apartment, something that I've grown sadly accustomed to, has just kicked into new gear. Nothing works... half the time. And everything's giving me thumbs up, including the router. I've been trying to talk to bossgoji again, and it isn't working again after three seperate false positives. Activating Pidgin turns my machine into a circus, with disconnects and reconnects on every protocol happening at random, and with no certainty on any of them. Things like YouTube and Livejournal cycle between uselessness and perfect working order. I've tried everything, cycling the router, individual connections, everything reports perfect working order, but that can't be. Something screwy is going on to cause all of these different symptoms, and I don't know what. I've spent so much energy trying to solve this problem, and all the problems go away for a few seconds, making me think, "ah! I figured it out."

The worst thing is that I can't contact the one person that might have the context to give me some sort of hint about what to do because of the Problems, which are getting progressively worse every day.

I don't know what to do. I may have to admit I don't have a functioning Internet connection and go on hiatus. I just came away from a three hour struggle to talk to bossgoji and my soul hurts from it. It feels like I'm being strangled by something.

Edit: It's... um... gone away now that I've gone to the previously unstable wireless connection. I'm firmly convinced that our router is mad.

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