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Belated Fall 2007 Damage report:

Take THAT college. Actually, this semester stung, too. We're down to the vitals at this point, so let's take a look. (It feels like report-card time with the parents...)

Beginning Sculpture B+

That studio was crowded and noisy. It dealt with a medium that, although I respected very much, had little interest in. Well, I took those lemons and bent wire into the shape of a big bird lady. Coming home with marred, blackened hands has a bit of thrill, but it grew old fast. I think my dedication to such a big, expensive, and strange project is what bumped me up to this grade (along with a little bit of inflationary kindness).

Life Drawing A-

Hoooray! My final critique was disheartening: I went in a little proud, and left feeling like an idiot (with bad communication skills). Still, I'm making progress here. The stuff I learn in these drawing classes translates really well to all kind of stuff I love, so these classes are important to me.

This year was amazing: we had multiple reliable models! In the past, the models were few and/or flakey.

Visualization and Animation A

WHAT?! An "A"? This is unexpected: I wasn't too proud of what I have done. On the other hand, I've no baseline to compare except my own warped standards. We were mixed class, as first-time, advanced, and grad students shared a lab and time slot. That was intimidating, to sit behind somebody who could construct models with stunning grace, and use the same tools you do, but makes them dance. At least there's always somebody nearby to ask for help on some silly little problem. That I have. All the time. Nyoro~n.

Still, an "A". I'm amazed. I guess my garbage can and bunny really pulled through in the end. Things I learned:
  • CG animation is cool, cooler than I thought, but I was right in that it's another tool. Now that I've learned enough, I think I'd like to look into one of my long-time passions: classic animation. I'm certain 2-D animation has a future with digital tools, and I think CG has a place in it, too.
  • Somehow, I've got a knack for storyboarding. That's not something I can ignore, it should be developed.
  • Rendering takes a long time.

Fundamentals of Biology I F *foghorn*

Ha ha ha. It was a very hard class, and I put a lot of energy into it. Sometimes, you lose. Let's move on, okay?

Modern China A-

This class was really something. It gave me something that's hard to grasp: wisdom, about the world, and people. That's why I take history classes. It also hurts, too. China's history, like so many others, is filled with so much pain, and understanding it brings that wisdom, too, and that hurts, too.

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