░░▒▒▒▓▓▓▒▒▒░░ (masstreble) wrote,

Nerdy triumphant return. (Ooh, Firefox 2 has spellcheck! JAGGEDY RED LINES!)

There! Finally finished. Sorry about the disappearance: I was on an upgradathon, I was being upgrathlete. First, I copied everything valuable or difficult-to-replace, then I upgraded, but today I am done. Coming out of Fedora Core 6, Fedora 8 is pretty snazzy. Still using KDE 3, as 4 is supposedly still unstable, so GNOME's hot stuff right now. Regardless, I'm too attached to KDE to switch. Okay, by now every non-Linux user reading this is either asleep or too confused to continue, so it's just us, eh? You know PUP, the terrible front-end to YUM, the one that Fedora tries to push as the default? I figured out why. It's so slow and awful at searching for packages because that's not what it's for: it seems like it was intended to be the update terrier of Fedora. You know, those "there's new stuff you MUST DOWNLOAD NOW HOLY CRAP SECURITY UPDATES" aps that every OS has? Fedora, functionally, has PUP, and it's not that bad at it. So long as, you know, you don't try to use it for anything else.

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