░░▒▒▒▓▓▓▒▒▒░░ (masstreble) wrote,

It somehow ended up being about Gengar.

My excuse this time is that I'm scared of the amount of people that will read it. There's at least a bajillion of you guys now, and you're all intelligent, cool, and have a finite amount of time in your day to spend on reading things, and I don't feel like I can add anything of substance, or even amusing a-substance. Until I shake out of that, I'll just silently read if that's alright with everyone.

Aside from that, I had a spot of computer trouble, something that haunts these apartments like some low-level ghost/poison type in a tower with the occasional unspectacular ground type thrown in... What was I talking about again? Oh, yeah: my lap-top hard-drive is acting-up, so I've gone to the old old operating desktop cludge and am using that. It's not powerful, but it's a got a big fat drive (the better to save stuff with) and a nice monitor (the better to see stuff with).

MOVING RIGHT ALONG: the end of semester and financial needs are looming over me like the fully evolved versions of the ghost/poison type that I mentioned earlier, but if everything goes well, I'll be finally living independently, with a college education in something that I care about, which is more than I would have honestly expected of myself ten years ago. This leaves me to face important questions, such as:
Where do I want my education to go from here? I haven't really given up on a career in the arts, I'm at worst pessimistic about my chances, but it's as if I'm not listening to myself, because I'm still damned doing it and thinking about it and trying.
What's my immediate Fairbanks survival plan? I'm about to lose a roommate, and we've got this social dynamic thing where we're all friends, not strangers that met by the great I-need-a-place-to-stay-and-saw-your-ad ritual as practiced on Billboardslvania and the United Articles of Craigslist. Replacing anyone here is sort of a spooky idea when you've been around each other for this long, but it's something I'm just going to have to deal with.
Long-term career plans aside, money now is, like, good idea, but how's some specifics? There's one place of employment that is will accept anybody that can swipe a card, but they're terrible, and I don't want to resort to them, but unless somebody around here really really wants a graduating art student laborer with hazardous material experience, I'm job hunting (again), like many people I know and care about.
Finally, what kind of type is ghost/poison, anyhow? It doesn't do much good against psychics at all, and most grass types at the time were were grass/poison and weren't the most intimidating specimens to begin with!

I made pizzas today and they stuck to the pans. It upset me more than it should have, which indicates to me that something else is bothering me, but I can't figure out what.

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