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I've been getting all of my Degree Audit Credit Check stuff back, and I'm go for graduation. On May 11th, I'm going to walk. In front of a lot of people. In strange clothing. I'm not going to let it stress me out, because it just doesn't seem worth the emotional investment. I suppose I'm denying myself the relief when it's all over, but if there's one thing I'm going to take out of the whole experience, is that anxiety is one of the biggest forms of attrition for me. Both of my parents are coming up here to see it, too. They divorced when I was quite young, and both want to spend time with me while they're up here, so I have to juggle that somehow. This isn't the best town for entertaining. The college is the most exciting thing in the town in my experience, and I just thoroughly experienced the hell out of it. Maybe I can entertain my mom by showing it to her, but auuuugh I'll think about this later.

I like this section from the audit the best:

Samuel, you are OK for May 2008 graduation, with successful completion of your current enrollment.

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