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Mass Treble: College Graduate.

Here's what happened since last time:

Wednesday, 7th: took finals. Those were the final finals, and I took them. There were no more finals to take.
Thursday, 8th: volunteered to help clean out drawing studio. The entire art department's getting renovations, but they can't use the building for a year. Getting ready to move to new apartment.
Friday: New apartment complete, so we start moving things in. The buildings are directly next to one another, so it isn't too difficult. It doesn't have power turned on yet, so it can't be a complete move.
Saturday: Rehearsal for commencement. In the evening, parents show up, and I get to spend some time with them. Also, parents of roommate show up, so there's a lot going on at once.
Sunday: Commencement. I have now graduated. Huge dinner party at Chili's.
Monday: At this point, focusing on the move. Has power, so we can go all the way to completion. We're enjoying the new apartment greatly, especially the carpets, which is novel to us.
Tuesday: Still moving... you know, I really don't know where the time goes.
Wednesday, 21: almost finished moving. We have a functional apartment by now, including phone and internet.
Thursday: Extremely early in the morning, I drive one of my roommates to the airport. This means that the afternoon and evening get spent on cleaning the old apartment completely, concluding the move.
Today: ...I don't know what happened today. It's not over yet, but in the wake of everything before, it's hard to focus on what comes next. It's obvious I need employment right now, so I'm setting to that. Seems like everybody up here likes online applications. That's alright. I don't mind.

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