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Mon, Apr. 20th, 2009, 01:44 pm
The big fat groveling post of housing doom! ~or~ East-Coast destinition augering; part one?

I've been putting this post off for some time now, because it feels, I don't know, kind of off-kilter, but I'd be a waste not to. Here's the thing: On May 22nd or so, I'm going to be moving to Boston. The trip will last a little over two or so weeks, so I hope to be there by about June 10th. It's now time for me to arrange for lodging there. After haunting Craigslist, it looks like my best bet is to room with somebody again. I could try to do so with a complete stranger, which would be alright, but if I can do so with somebody that somebody I know knows and could vouch for, that would be pretty neat. As it just so happens, a bunch of you either live in Boston or know a lot of people in the area. I'm putting this to you folks: is there anybody who is going to need a roommate then? Or something like that? "No" is also an acceptable answer! If any body's interested, here's what I can say about myself:

Good points :D Clean, responsible, quiet, I seem to be easy to get along with, no allergies, independent, I don't smoke, and don't have any animals (but I think it's awesome if you do).

Bad points: :[ Fiercely independent (Where am I? WHO KNOWS! D: I didn't tell anybody where I was going the night before wooooo!), and I get a little testy when I'm living in what I perceive to be a messy environment.

I'm looking for anything less than like $600/month if possible, but that's not a total hard limit. I have student loans and such to get through, so... I can't spend everything I make on rent and utilities.

thetakogun and cgranade can both confirm all of this, and I can give you the number for my current landlord (who is sadly hard to get hold of but still) if asked.

Fri, Apr. 24th, 2009 01:52 am (UTC)

Nope, no good. They fixed their issue a couple of months ago...

I don't have any particular options then for you. You'd have to ask circuit_four...

Fri, Apr. 24th, 2009 09:23 am (UTC)

Oh, well. On the upside, that means that they weren't trying to fill a room for, like, months. 0-o On the subject of what I'm going to do next, maybe I will bug Nick about it, but... I don't feel quite right about that for some reason. I kind of felt sleazy making this post to begin with, as well as making you do a bunch of stuff. Especially when I really ought to do it directly.

In any case, thanks! I really mean that, I appreciate your patience with me, and all the oddness I've put you through over this. You rock!