░░▒▒▒▓▓▓▒▒▒░░ (masstreble) wrote,

Totally boring the crap out of you guys with my amazing disaster movie-style move!

Day three started pretty well. We made good distance, and ended the night at a campground in a town in the Yukon named Watson Lake. Well, we tried that, anyhow. When pulling in to a vacant site, the axle on our trailer broke. Big time. Wheel popped right off, still bolted. We both freaked out most thoroughly about what we were going to do about it and then decided we should just sleep on it.

It turns out we forgot to pack the tent. *laugh track*

So. Day four was pretty much bust. We talked to the authorities about how we were going to leave a trailer in their country, even though we aren't supposed to dispose of anything. We arranged for a new trailer by way of U-Haul. It seems to be working out. Hopefully we'll spend the rest of the trip without incident. As is, we haven't gotten any farther today, and we're exhausted. C'est le vie. A pair of friendly, cute young German men in the adjacent camp site pointed out it was best that it happened here. They are quite right. If it had happened on the road, the results could have easily been fatal.

Um, otter3? circuit_four? Are you certain you want me anywhere near the bay area? 'Cause apparently, I'm some sort of sentient catastrophe.
Tags: bostonquest2009

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