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Over halfway done. Also, I apparently pine.

Day seven can blow me. This was a successful day, yeah. It was also a long one. I got us lost in Edmonton and again somewhere else, so it ended up being an hour or so even longer than it needed to be. We're never going to try to rush like that ever again should it be avoidable. At least the border crossing went well enough. Back in the U.S. of A. Well, we're in Montana.

I'm going to kind of miss Canada. I could see myself as a Canadian if I stayed long enough. In fact, I like hockey considerably more than I did going in. I already kind of operate in Celsius, and kilometers\hour was really easy to adjust to. Plus, the money is pretty, the people are pretty cool, and ketchup flavoured chips should be everywhere. Plus, being an mostly-lifelong Alaskan means that the climate is usually either identical to what I'm used to or more pleasant.


In a year or so maybe I'll visit the people I know in Ontario.
Tags: bostonquest2009

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