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Now nobody can patent this sequence. I don't care that's not how it works. At least I'm trying.

[Crowded office building. Water cooler. 10:45 AM.]

T "Hey, Al, whatdyaknow?"
A "Good Tom doing good."
T "Did you hear what happened with Grant's kid?"
A "The teenager, yeah, ha, good thing she didn't let him have that old sporty thing, right?"
T "You know, I was an accident-free driver when I was that age."
A "Yeah because I--"
T+A "--didn't own a car!"
A "Ha haa ha!"
T "Hoo boy!"
[They both sip chilled water, and are joined by a woman]
T "Oh hey Casey what's happenin'?"
C "Hey you bums! Get back to work! Ha ha!"
A "Like that'll happen am I right?"
C "Yeah hey did you hear what happened with Grant's--"
T "Yeah we know like..."
[Grant walks by]
G "Hay people"
T "Hey man tough thing with the car ahh is he on your insurance?"
G "It wasn't so bad and this is a no-fault state so it's okay."
A "You know I never learned to drive."
T "Why is that, Al?"
A "I don't know I just never felt right behind the wheel?"
C "Say uh Al I think I know why look at your hands."
G "Yeah they're all big and hoove-like."
A "Come to think of it they are hooves huh that's weird."
T "Holy shit they are hooves oh my god why did I never notice that?"
C "Also now that you mention it that reminds me of how kinda big and kinda bovinish you are."
T "What the fuck Al you're a cow oh my god!"
A "Mooooo what the fuck moooooooooo!"
G "Ahhhhhhhhhhh wth man ahhhhh"
T "Aaaaaa omg aaagh"
A "Mooo no my dad totally lied to me about my mom mooooo"
C "Hey Al ha I just realized you're like our 'coworker' heh"
T "Aaaapffff."
G "Ugggggh"
A "C'mon Casey this is stressful for me"
A "And I need to get back to work"
A "Also tell people that gene sequences shouldn't be patentable"
A "The idea is ridiculous"
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