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How to begin.

Okay, a lot of you only slightly know who I am, so I'll give you the long version.

Back in May, a long time friend and room mate and I packed up to leave for the East Coast, all the way from our home in Alaska. He was going to stay with the parents in South Carolina for the summer before going to Canada for his graduate studies. I was moving to Boston. I searched madly for an apartment until I believed I had one. On the day before we were scheduled to leave, my apartment cancelled on me. I decided I was already neck-deep at that point, and we left anyway: my friend's parents extended the offer of crash space for the summer, so I could try to get a place in Boston in South Carolina.

I sat here with a laptop for a few weeks, desperately doing the same thing I was doing up with Alaska. It wasn't working. I took a trip to Boston and spent a few days with the awesome otter3, and that was cool, and I believe it sort of helped matters, but it didn't end up producing any lodging.

After returning to South Carolina, and trying again for a little while, I ascertained the dimensions of the essential problem. I tried regardless until yesterday afternoon, when I knew that I just wasn't going to win this one and had to go to damage control.

That means that I'm going to be flying my dumb ass back to Alaska. Back to crash with my father until I can get back on my feet in Anchorage. (At least I won't be in Fairbanks at the end of this.)

LONG STORY SHORT: I've failed. I'm declaring bostonquest a failure. This has to be the single dumbest thing I've ever done in my life, and will doubtlessly remain so for years. Well, there's that and the whole art degree thing, but that's a dumb thing I'm kind of proud of, and it's a work in progress anyhow so there. :P

If anybody thinks less of me, or thinks, "damn what a loser", well, I'd agree. I'm a bit of a fuck-up.

But at least I tried, didn't I? That's more than what most ever do.


There's always hope for bostonquest2011. Or bostonquest2012. Or maybe some other opportunity will come up, I don't know, and none it would ever compare to the awesomeness of marsquest2021 and I'd take that over bostonquest20XX anyday. Sure, I've screwed up another summer, I've wasted another three months of my life. That's okay. I'm sick of what-ifs and regret and worry. Life goes on.

One of the suckier things about this is that I'm going to be kind of lonely in Anchorage. KEVIN! We should hang out now and then!
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