░░▒▒▒▓▓▓▒▒▒░░ (masstreble) wrote,

I had to shove the book of feng shui down a staircase, but it feels spacious now.

For those of you just tuning in, here's the story of Mass Treble thus far: I tried to move to Boston this summer, but it didn't work out because I couldn't find a place, and so now I'm back in Alaska, where I've been chronically unemployed for months. I was recently given an old, but functioning iBook, and I've been freaking out about it. The story continues:

I did, in fact clean the every-loving hell out of this thing. Some of it turned out to be horrifyingly permanent, but I can live it (I guess). Getting any line-time is hard on the weekend because we have a teenager and one pre-post teenager here, too, and so it's a hot commodity. That, and I was busy yesterday with a few things, the big one being making this miserable little room a little less miserable, because it's clear I'm going to be here for at least a few more months. /:[

My dad recently got this 46" LCD television, and it's changed life around here. Well, not really. But we have a big television now. Cable looks terrible on it. He wants to set up his crappy VCR/DVD player to it, but I've already got my brother's PS2 all ready to go, but he insists that he wants this monstrous, stupid old thing to play the movies. DO NOT PSYCHOANALYZE THIS.

I'm having dreams of getting lost or looking for people that are getting lost. As in, all the time. It's always some kind of distorted, labrythian version of a public place or facility. A mall, an airport, business parks. Strange, though: I don't ever find this troublesome or frightening, even when my surroundings are. It feels normal. ...DO NOT PSYCHOANALYZE THIS?

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