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I end up spending more time on body language and expression than anything else.

There was a household disaster today. It all falls with the snow: power outages, car accidents, snowball fights, hypothermia. In any case, this was a car day. Somebody hit my step-mother's car while she was at work. Hit it good. As in, pushed it all the way back into another space. On the way there, my dad and I hypothesized that it was the plow, because they were plowing when she parked and what could have possibly pushed the car that easily. We went all Law & Order on that shit when we got there, and we think we could convince a jury that we were right. Dirt from the machine in question is on the bent hood, the exact shape of the impact, plus a few other things. Of course, we're just going to get them to hand over the insurance information, but well. You know. It was something to do while the car in question warmed up so we could drive it home.

I'm taking a break from drawing. My hand hurts. Possibly because I'm not used to doing it for upwards of ten hours a day. I don't have anything really to show for it, just a ton of WIP that I'm bouncing back and forth on. Curse you ADD! On top of that, I'm tired of staring into the alluring, intelligent dark eyes of a big dommy tanuki. Still, since she's so popular, I might as well give the people what they want while I'm at it.

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