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Thu, Jan. 14th, 2010, 09:36 pm

I love the drop-shade you get on LJ when you mouse over somebody's icon. It's reassuring to have it tell you that they're your mutual friend. Warms the heart, you know? And if you're having a rough patch with them, like an argument or you think that they're mad at you, it makes you feel secure. And for a laugh, you can always mouse over yourself and have it succinctly remind the viewer that "this is you".

Sat, Jan. 16th, 2010 03:15 am (UTC)
masstreble: Re: the treachery of image macros

*Laughs* This is interesting, I was thinking about this exact image earlier this afternoon. I was thinking of what would happen if you alchemitized together a smoking pipe, a bottle of shaving cream, and a lighter. The answer is a kooky sort of foam-based napalm thrower named "THIS IS NOT YOUR DOOM".