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Fri, Jan. 15th, 2010, 06:31 pm
Actually this post if funny because I ignore the self-advice contained therein.

"Andy this house is like a labyrinth it took forever to get here"
"Don't come in I'm sick"
"That's okay I'm immune to it how do you solve this puzzle box"
"You're just doing a little on each side try to put a whole lot of your energy onto just one side that interests you"
"...This is all pretty metaphorical, isn't it?"
"Yeah, I know right? *laughs*"

There was also some weird bit later about a fair or something and I was turning into some sort of beast that couldn't stop running and everyone was gone so it was alright if I occasionally knocked over a plastic table. I still loudly apologized. The only meaning I can extract from that one is that I think it might be fun to be a cow once and a while...?

I've been learning more about how to colorize junk. Apparently using the Multiply layer mode is a cheaty miracle-worker for scanned things, so I wanted to try it out. I tried to scan some random sketchbook crap to try it out, but it turned into a huge time-wasting disaster with XSANE UI madness. I just could not get a clean scan for the life of me. I think I use pencils that are too hard. If I use soft, darker pencils, though, it turns into big blobs of graphite after a couple of months, so I like to use lighter pencils. Pfft. Oh well.