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Look, ma, I'm crossposting!

What do I believe? Well, actually a lot of things.

I believe that the universe has fundamental properties that can be understood by careful study. If that's what you mean by capital-S Science, then there's it with a neat little bow. Putting that aside, though, I believe in a lot of other things.

I believe that you can't really choose or change your sexuality. I believe that truth doesn't always win, it ought to. I believe that there's more meanings to life than any of us could ever handle. I believe that glamor magazines do not make readers feel glamorous.

I believe that everyone can make a difference. I believe that companionship is very important. I believe that anything or anybody that tries to keep humanity in a state of mental sleep is evil.

I believe that every problem has multiple solutions. I believe that mental illness should be treated without stigma, just like any other illness. I believe that planes are uncomfortable because there are so many people on them. I believe no sex before marriage only works if there is no sex after marriage as well.

I believe in equal rights.

I believe that love knows many, many, many forms. I believe that all the parents in the world are scared, too. I believe that boxer shorts are just more comfortable. I believe in the path less traveled. I believe that things like spell check are enabling, not disabling.

.tirips eht rof doog si yrartnoc gnieb taht ni eveileb I

I believe that with love and logic, we can take humanity higher. I believe irreverence is a virtue. I believe that just because that I can, doesn't mean that you can. I believe that I've spent over fifteen minutes on this.

I believe this is good place to stop.

I believe that this is a good place to stop.

[Excised from this original thread here.]
[EDIT: Error! That post in F-locked. D'OH!]

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