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*Looks at watch* Time for some introspective boring navel-gazing!

I have a confession to make. You know how I've been online a lot more since this little iBook fell into my lap? Well, I've only ever been using it in bed, because the phone jack is next to it. Well, I realized that I could just take it up to the table and sit and use it like a normal person, which is what I'm doing now, but up until right now, I've been essentially been taking you all to bed. :3

Okay, that's silly, and not what I wanted to talk about, and neither is this: HAY ghostangel LOOK AT MY ICON! I did it! It's kind of disappointing, but it's what you requested. I think. If it isn't, let me know and I'll further tweak it. I promise I won't forget for like an entire season like I did until this afternoon. Eh heh heh. Nnnngh. ()¬¬ Yeaaah sorry.

I was doing more sorting and cleaning of The Chamber tonight, and I found a lot of old emotionally laden stuff. Little talismans of the past, covered with a thick layer of personal history. Photographs of people I hadn't thought about in a long time, little accessories I once wore, old books that I used to keep close. Some ancient little doodles that made me laugh, not because they're funny, but because of what was happening while I was doing them.

Then I found the collar.

It was a blue dog collar, made of artificial fibers. I used to wear it in high school. Only for a year or so. I didn't think too much about it, I just thought it would be an awesome accessory, to show a little spunk, and I thought I could put other cool stuff on the D-ring. I figured, when I started wearing it, that nobody would really notice, maybe a couple of my friends.

I was wuh-rong. It seemed like everybody had some stupid opinion or little thing to say about it. Most of it terrible, because I wasn't a very popular guy, and everything and anything I could conceivable do was the worst thing imaginable because it was high school, and that's how life is on the island of the lord of the flies. I tried to blow it off, because I was tired of being pushed around by the opinions of people who hated me for no reason. People who had been pretending to ignore me up until that semester started verbally attacking me, and the collar was sometimes the subject of it. It even played a part in a series of events that I don't want to talk about, except to say that it destroyed me completely and I stopped wearing the collar during it.

So today I found this thing. I remember it being huge and thick. Now I look at it with much older and wiser eyes. I laughed. "It's so small!" I thought as I turned it over in my hands. My memories were warped and just wrong.

How could that be?

I stopped, washed my hands (lots of dusting going on) and sat my computer. I had a big archive of pictures from back then stashed away. I opened them up for the first time in about four years.

It was pretty shocking. I've gotten a lot more attractive as I've aged (!!!?) except for the whole hair thing, but that's beside the point. I was kind of cute in a hapless teenager that doesn't know what to do with himself kind of way. I needed a real wardrobe, a crash course on hair and what to do with it, and some confidence, but the person I was looking at wasn't the person I remembered. I was baffled.

Then I figured it out.

The person I was remembering, the image I was keeping in my mind of myself back then, it hadn't really come from me. It came from them. It was a horrible, twisted view made up of all the abuse I'd received.

I was pissed, sitting there looking at these photographs on my screen, holding up this blue dog collar. I was pissed at them and a little mad at myself over the whole thing. Then I just let it go. I learned something important about myself and I think the world today.

I hate being trapped under these stairs, trapped in this stupid little town, unemployed and lonely. But I know I'll be making an escape again sooner or later. I've gained a few things out if it, though. I've sunk down into the absolute darkness in my head a couple of times these last year or so, and I'm stronger for it. I've gained a lot of perspective on, well, everything. Somehow, I've managed to make myself a better person since this whole mis-adventure started.

One thing, though? About the collar?

I really should have looked around for a black one. >:3

Edit: Damn it, I keep trying to use my desktop mouse with the notebook on the table with it. (OOC-QOTN right here--) That does it, from now on I'm keeping the Internet in bed, where it's less confusing.


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