░░▒▒▒▓▓▓▒▒▒░░ (masstreble) wrote,

Dreams! Like, what-ev-ahhhh! *valley girl*

I had a dream that MSPA moved to Veekun's servers. It was the worst idea ever. It ended with an exchange between them about what a terrible idea it was while the server was spewing magic smoke.

What a pointless waste of my time. I could have been dreaming about anything else. Here's a list.
  • A cute boy befriends a dinosaur with an interest in human culture. They make new friends in a mall.

  • A fantastic coastal community is plagued by holes in reality until they realize that sea creatures can telepathically communicate with the people on the other side.

  • Two bluegrass musicians discover that they have magic powers but cannot control them properly. Amusing hijinks ensue.

  • A long walk on a beautiful forest path reveals clues to an ancient conspiracy involving intelligent animals and unmonitored robots.

This is all while I'm awake, just free-drafting right there. These would have made awesome dreams. Why not? They're coming out of my mind, too. Why did the super dumb thing get selected over the awesome ones? And don't say that there's some deep psychology going into Veekun's exploded server, the only thing there is, "it couldn't handle the combined traffic of MSPA with it's usual hits" and that hardly even warrants mentioning.

Dreams! Like, whatever, you know?
Tags: dreams

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