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This is it, the PPPP Season One climax!

Poll #1564364 PPPP Season 1 Finale (1/2)

You all have your weapons, the penguins have been released, and the Overmatrix Gate has been breached. Prepare.

We're going to need help. I open my Life Note and write the names of some helpful-sounding people.
Call Ko-Dessan, Destroyer of Islands. She has other cute but powerful mascot animal contacts.
We got through the false wilderness. We can get through this.
Let's call alert the Council of Johns. They can protect the people while we handle the big stuff.
Time to Doff (ctrl + d) the Hat of Danger. ^

The Inverted Demons and the False Angels are pouring out of the gate faster than you can fight them. You're going to have to fly up there and close it somehow.

Time for the melancholy of vertical movement, bitches.
Maybe the indirect approach is better. That fallen building could be used like a ramp! postrodent! I need your transparent motorcycle!
Screw that. I'm staying down here and kicking ass. If I don't, there won't be a world left, even if we win.
If I don't come back, refference music for me. Tell the boys that I love their butts. I'm off.

The Gate is mysteriously unguarded. You all quickly realize why: the over-ride mechanism looks like it's operated with the Bow of Jaimes Deen... Which none of you chose.

...What. WHAT?! OH COME THE F--
Hold it. That... there were consequences to...
Ooookay. I can't even remember what that was. It was posted in February, for god's sakes.
I'd be annoyed, but I's not sure I know what's happening.
This pointless poll thing has just taken a turn for the surreal.
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