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Thu, Jul. 22nd, 2010, 12:44 pm
Count the things wrong with this excerpt:

Acceptance among the male population evolved rapidly as men realized they could get an ideal "woman" whose only goal was to serve him.

Christian propaganda irony overload critical mass X 10000000!!!

Sat, Jul. 24th, 2010 06:58 pm (UTC)

Plus, the author mentions sperm donations dropping off as the men couldn't be bothered to drop by even with free use of a sex robot.

Easy solution that should be obvious to anyone who actually has half a brain: Create a new model of sex robot that comes with cold storage for all sperm put inside, and market it with a discount: 20% off the purchase price on the condition that the robot, twice a month (or so), walks off to the nearest fertility clinic to swap in an empty canister. PROBLEM SOLVED thank you goodnight.

Sat, Jul. 24th, 2010 07:00 pm (UTC)

Economic note: The participating sperm donation sites would of course fund the discount in an agreement with the sex robot companies. Everybody prospers.