January 15th, 2004

confused, angry

Semester # 2, here we go.

Oh yeah. Got a class in the late afternoon today. I guess procrastination ends here, huh?

So, I never said where I was and what I did over the winter break. It really wasn't anything too fantastic: I just went to Texas to visit with some family down there. Sure was nice to see said family. I don't get to see them much.

We didn't really do too much, but we did do a little. We saw a couple of movies, namely the last Lord of the Rings movie, and Big Fish. (I really enjoyed both. They both get my hearty recomendations.)

The week I left, we went to this one river park where dinosaur footprints had been fosilized in the limestone in the river. It's cool enough on its own, but there's an interesting side-note: in this one spot further down the river than the rest of the prints, there are supposedly some prints that look like they were made by humans. A bunch of you creationalist types really digged that (for obvious reasons) and even bought some land up the road for a huge building called something like, 'Creation Evidence Foundation'.

Well, as it turns out, the prints were fake. There was even a big plaque in the park that even mentions it with a humorous picture of a hadrosaur wearing big human boots, and some text explaining that there are 'some prints that a few people believe were made by humans', but then explains that they weren't. Ouch.

We did a lot more, but nothing interesting enough to talk about here... Well, off to do college-y things!
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