May 3rd, 2004

confused, angry

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*Cue Nobuo Uematsu - Victory Fanfare*
Alright, last day of classes! Just finals after this!

My portfolio went over great earlier! Last few moments of class, before I left:
"I'll never see you guys again... And I have the last word! Ahh-HAHAHAHAHAAA~"

Sigh, Sawyer and T. got me into Gunbound. The company isn't the best on there, but it's still fun. Never thought I'd be much of an online gamer!

Thinking about the trip home has made me think about how much of an encumberance my pickup is turning into. Registration, insurance, gas, care, and the possibilities of accidents... It's a lot of weight. When I first got it, I thought that low-riding Dodge Mitsibishi was my freedom. I suppose it still represents freedom of movement, yet at the same time a boulder in my pocket. I don't know what to do, if anything, about it. I don't know what should I do about it, if anything...
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