July 13th, 2004


Dreams and drinks. (Gags inside!)

Well, I guess I better post another one of my friggin' dreams:

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In reflection, these things were like golems of classic Judaic literature, only with space-age materials instead of clay. However, that idea never occurred to me until I looked back on the dream. Intelligent golems of plastic-like material. What an idea! Contact a Jewish priest immediately! Whoo! Science and religion unite!

Space-Age Golem: My OS was written by God.
Random guy: Mine, too!
SAG: Is yours full of bugs, as well? : \
RG: You know it. : /
Jewish priest, to me: Maybe we shouldn't have done this.
JP: Don't use G's name in vain.
Me: M'bad.
RG: Error 289: stress-induced breakdown! XP
SAG: Oh, I hate it when that happens. He's going to have to reboot.
JP, SAG, RG, & ME: * Push little icons on our chests! * REBOOT!

I was talking to a coworker today, and we were talking about dreams. I remembered a reoccurring dream I had when I was young. I've always thought about it, but I never posted it here because it seemed so trivial and personal. However, if I can tell a coworker when talking about dreams, I guess I can tell you people, too.

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