August 4th, 2004

confused, angry

I don't do this often, but:

[19:28] MassTreble: So long as you don't scream.
[19:28] X Soulsky: XD
[19:30] MassTreble: Ohh... I guess you can scream.
[19:31] MassTreble: A little.
[19:31] X Soulsky: Yay!
[19:31] X Soulsky: You do it better, though.
[19:32] MassTreble: Yeah, but it wouldn't make any sense if I were to randomly scream.
[19:32] MassTreble: Well, okay, it would.
[19:32] MassTreble: It just wouldn't be humorous.
[19:32] MassTreble: Just the same old annoying.
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