March 5th, 2005


Good morning, Internet. XP

Alright, I apparently can't leave you alone for even a few five minutes before you start causing trouble -- not even a good night's sleep without coming back to find the 'net in an uproar about this "Frienditto" thing. Pff, it's more like "Friendetta". The LJDrama folks are being ho-bags; if you don't know, don't concern yourself about it. Just stay away from it. It's icky.
confused, angry

You could try both at once, like the bonobians.

A writer once said something to the effect of, "I will fight with you or I can try to seduce you. Everything else is boring." After great contemplation on the matter, I've decided...
...(Wait for it!)
:D...(Waaaaaait for it!)
kk do the later lol want 2 cyber ^___^
Of course I'm just being silly. XD
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