May 5th, 2006

booga, serene

Every few months, I remember to actually look at something like this.

As I type this, it's still daylight here. I can see a half-moon, though: one of the quirks of the Northern sky is that we can frequently see the moon during the day. I'm feeling awash in some kind of emotion; I feel reminded that there's a big universe out there, full of stuff like that moon there, pulled around a sun, so many different wonderful things, even life, amino proteins and acids, DNA and RNA, photoreceptors, evolution, all of it real, happening, and it all works. Sure, it either exists or not, so of course it works, but it doesn't stop the feeling of wonder at What Is.
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Tagging is one of the coolest Internet fads ever.

I always feel a little guilty about criticizing Livejournal these days. I really love Livejournal, and I want it to get better -- especially with the big, ugly disaster named "Myspace" achieving sudden and unearned popularity. (If you're a Myspace fanatic, I assume you're not going to be reading this.) Because I'm not very good at coding, and thus useless for directly improving LJ, I do it by nagging. :3

Livejournal's memories feature is in an odd state right now. It was implemented before the Technocrati-style tags, but had a tagging system all of it's own. So now users -- provided that they even notice the memory icons everywhere! -- only really have to 'memorize' entries made by other users, because they can already tag their own entries and can also toss in a "memories" tag, if they wanted. So, memories are only really useful as a way to tag other people's entries! How sorry is that? Poor Memory filter page. Poor feature-forgetting and confused LJ users.

Come to think of it, things have really changed since Livejournal launched. The invite system was opened up, so any Earthling* with the want to do so can open a Livejournal. I notice a lot of folks getting multiple journals, which muddies things. We already have journal names and usernames, why not break it up so we have a username and profile, and open up journals and communities under those? At the very least, that would extend a user's options, and we have cleaner databases.

While discussing this, cgranade, who has a working knowledge of coding, pointed out an interesting way in which LJ could, instead of serving everything out HTML, the content we would create could be turned into whatever as -- look, I don't fully get it, but it sounded great, so I thought I would mention it. Reading this over my shoulder, he said it was XLST.

*Well, I guess non-Terrans could theoretically get Internet access, and therefore have the ability to open a Livejournal, and they're openly invited.