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Stupid client!

"Don't forget, September 19th is national Talk Like A Pirate Day... And I think everybody should participate in this." -Makzu.

I fully sponser this, and I highly advise you should all participate, too. Friday is looking to be a great day. Arrr.

Sigh, Makzu isn't having a very good time right now. Today, I was eating lunch with Theta, and I realized that I was eating soy. It made me think of him, down there in that soy dessert that Iowa is... Now the soy tastes... sad.

Oh, and now my LJ client doesn't seem to be working at all. It sucks. I think it might have something to do with the proxy settings, but I can't find whether or not I'm actually proxy, and which one I'm on. Also... it worked earlier... Why would it stop? It's the latest version... Huh...

(This is where my mood and current music would be.)

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