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So, this morning...

...I was just standing there, when this swan started creeping up to me. She creeped closer, and closer, until she was right next to me. Then, she put her beak right next to my ear, and whispered...

"8. Remember that you can draw negative space (the space between objects). This will help you keep proportion.

9. To really finish a still life, you can draw a background by putting shading where there is extremely dark areas behind your drawing.

10. To start a drawing, just start drawing in light pencil all over the place. Don't worry about detail until you get the basic expression down. After that, start making corrections until everything is in proportion and in the right space. From there, it's all detail work."

...Then, the swan pulled away, looked me in the eye, and I nodded. She approached another person, and gave him tips on how to make love. I'm happy for the art tips, but I think his hobby is better.

~~~Remember to practice... whatever you do.~~~

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