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Fruit flavoured BLAST!

I came up with ab idea on when to make a LJ posts! Every time my last post 'falls' off my friends page, I then make another! (*Post get!*)

However, I noticed that the more people and communities that make it to my friends page, the more posts I would have to make. Also, the ammount of communities and friends I have on LJ is a function of time. It looks kinda like, um, this:

Where 't' is time, and 'q' is, um, quends + quommunities. As you can see, it really takes off.

So, within around, er, *does some fake calculations* eleven months, I'll be making twenty lj posts... a day. I'd have to spread the content around the posts themselves. Like, a sentence for each. Then a word. For. Each. XD

Obviously, that plan is right out.

Anyhow, onto other business, that of my actual life!
My truck has a flat, but it's not a big deal: we're going to fix it! I got a little sick yesterday, but slept it off. My math classes are boring, my art class busy, but awesome. I cleaned up our dorm room, and intend to vacuum it tonight. I'm spontaneously bleeding from head and ankle, and but that's okay, as long as my wrists don't bleed, the Vatican will leave me alone.

...After reading that last paragraph, this post could have been a lot shorter. XD

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