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I know where the planets go when nobody can see them.

They like dreams, apparently.

I was back in Palmer, sitting on the roof of my house in the dream. For some reason, the atmosphere was dangerously thin that night. We could all breathe just fine, yet the stars were shining brighter than any human had ever seen them before. I noticed a massive sphere over our neighbor's house, and shortly recognized it as... Jupiter. Oddly, it was about three times larger than Sol was during the day. That struck me as odd. A woman-- that I recognized as a wise, trustworthy person-- assured me that was how it was supposed to be, and that I shouldn't worry. Before too long, the other planets showed up in full color and splendor in the night sky. Mercury rushed past, in front of the gathering gargantuans. I identified this as somewhat unnatrual behaviour in planets, but the woman laughed and told me they (the planets) were just curious, and nothing bad was going to come of it.

Shortly after, meteors started crisscrossing the sky: massive, firey boulders. Their sound was like intergalactic drag racers. A small portion of one fell on our neighbor's house, and I was worried it was going to burn up the house. I rushed inside, to tell dad, but he just said it would burn itself out, and he was away, anyhow. Besides that, we had a guest that evening, and wanted to take good care to impress them. I asked if it had anything to do with the fact that the entire solar system was paying us a visit. "No," he said. "It's a couple of rich friends from work." I didn't talk to him the rest of the dream, and went back out to look at the planets more.

All that being said, I have a Gameboy SP now. *Imagines Makzu laugh 'cause I broke down and got one.* Shut up Makzu in my head! It was a good deal! XD See, we went downstairs late last night to get ice cream (YAY!). Well, in the elevator, there was an add for a used Gameboy SP with a ton of stuff, and a game. I wanted the game and the SP. Sawyer wanted all the other stuff. So, we did a three-one price split. Ironically, we met the girlfriend of the person who was selling it... in the elevator when we first saw the add. She got it for him as a Christmas present, but he never used it. The guy himself, as it turned out...? In my anthropology class. It all happened in twenty minutes, too. XD I acted fast.

This is the end of the post as we know it... and I feel fiiiiiiine...
Oh, wait! One more 'ting! jokerstrademark? You reading this? If so, um, hello! Uh, some dialouge here? XD
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