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Okay, first thing's first: Dancing Love Carrots.

Next order of business: what's up with me and instant messaging? *Canned laughter*

Well, earlier today, T. showed me this. (It's a .wmv. Save and launch!) Yes, that is for real. It's what happens when he launches AIM.
Scary, huh? I used to think I had it bad. Well, guess what? I DON'T. I know everyone that instant messages me. They are my friends. They're you. Look what Fredryk ends up with. Not you. Case close: I've set Trillian to auto-launch, and I'm just going to set it to 'away mode' when I go, well, away!


Ahh! They're spilling over from the UJ forums!

Only two of you are going to get this.
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