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Floaty buttcovers.

Spring break. Almost. That's good. I'm exhasted something bad. I've been slacking for the last week. I neeeeeed thiiiiiis. Well, we're picking up Gabe for half the week, before he ships off. This is great, because I won't see him for a few years afterward. That. Sucks.

Anyhow, because of the fourteen or so hours on the road, I won't be online tomorrow. Yeah yeah. I'll survive!

For those of you who care about my art class, guess whaaaa~!
I'm holding an 'A' in it. Yaaaay! Maybe I don't completely suck!
To commemorate, I've done a raunchy picture of Rai's character when T. wasn't looking. Enjoy!

By the way, back in February, Nullsoft released Winamp 5. Take a look! I love it. The only problem we've had thus far is that it seems to have a problem with quad speaker support. (That's T.'s problem, not mine. He's already come up with a way to fix it, anyhow.) I can't believe it. I could have been playing with this thing for an entire month! XD

P.S.: how many of you actually thought I would actually illistrate anything raunchy?! I had nothing to do with that thing: a friend gave it to me, and I asked if I could use it. XD

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